Schottel Hydro is to supply hydrokinetic turbine components to Minesto’s Deep Green underwater kite tidal power device.

The components will be delivered next year with the underwater power plant deployed in 2017 off the coast of Anglesey in Wales.

During the coming three years, 19 more devices will follow and eventually form an array with an overall capacity of 10MW.

Schottel will develop a tailor-made new turbine variant, which will optimally fit the requirements of Deep Green.

The company said the lightweight nacelle power-take-off system includes turbine, drive train, power electrics and auxiliary devices.

Schottel will also carry out a full-load test series on a specially built test stand prior to installing the turbine in the third quarter of 2016.

Minesto chief executive officer Anders Jansson said: “With Schottel Hydro we found a true one-stop supplier for tailor fitted turbine solutions.

“We are really looking forward to our cooperation at Holyhead Deep.”