RSPB and Ecotricity are to install a wind turbine at the nature conservation charity’s headquarters in the coming few weeks.

Work begins in Sandy, Bedfordshire on 25 January, and the 100-metre tall Enercon E-53 800kW turbine will generate around 2m units of green energy every year, equivalent to over half of the electricity the RSPB uses across its 127 UK locations.

Ecotricity and RSPB completed three years of ecological and environmental research to confirm that the location is a suitable site for the turbine before presenting final plans to the local Planning Authority.

RSPB director of conservation Martin Harper said: “Climate change is the single biggest threat to our planet. This is about our birds and wildlife as well as our way of life.

“It is down to everyone to play their part. In the UK, we have the potential to generate a significant portion, if not all, of our electricity from sustainable sources. This will take time and it will take investment.”

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said: “This is a 21st century approach to making energy in Britain – it’s about working with our customers to make energy where they live and work, and sharing the benefits with them.”

Image: a 900kW Enercon unit (ENEL)