New York State is creating an offshore wind strategy to develop a path forward for the industry.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said the state will provide $5m to support the New York Offshore Wind Master Plan, revealed in the 2016 budget released this month.

New York’s 127 miles of coastline presents “an enormous opportunity to generate energy through the deployment of offshore wind turbines”, said the report.

It cautioned however, that offshore wind development should not come “at the expense of vital coastal habitats and economies, including tourism, fishing and boating”.

The state plans to engage community members, environmental advocates and government partners in crafting the master plan. No timeline was given.

New York also intends to promote onshore wind development. The state will invest $150m in a solicitation this year for large-scale wind, solar, hydro and fuel cell projects.

The support, along with other Clean Energy Standard initiatives, is expected to help build an additional 600MW of onshore wind capacity, increasing wind production by nearly 40% by 2020 for a total generating capacity of 2.2GW.

Cuomo has mandated that the state get half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and has pledged to phase out coal generation by 2020.

The governor also established a 10-year $5bn Clean Energy Fund, which will combine existing and new programs to accelerate renewable energy growth throughout the state.

The fund will contribute $782m to NY Green Bank to leverage private sector investment, expand the availability of capital and increase confidence in lending for clean energy projects.

The fund will increase the bank’s total investment to $1bn and will leverage an estimated $8bn in private investment.

Image: Long Island New York (Wikimedia Commons)