Swedish tidal kite developer Minesto has placed an order for a prototype of its commercial-scale Deep Green turbine from German manufacturer Schottel Hydro.

Schottel has completed the design of the power take-off system and verified the prototype through model tests by Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt in Potsdam.

The manufacturer will now work towards delivering the hardware to Minesto's Holyhead Deep project in Wales in early 2017.

The development of the turbine has resulted in a larger rotor diameter, and the rotor now has five blades instead of three.

“We are very pleased to have completed and verified the turbine design for Deep Green. Compared with the first generation Deep Green, the turbine's performance has been improved by about 10%,” said Minesto chief executive Martin Edlund.

Schottel and Minesto Deep Green will also tackle the design of the full-scale system.

“In parallel with the final design we procure subsystems and components which will be assembled into a first full-scale demonstrator, which will then undergo final functionality testing.

“After that, we are ready to implement Deep Green in full scale on the offshore facility in Wales during 2017,” added Edlund.

Image: Deep Green tidal kite (Minesto)