The Small Wind Co-op has launched a second tranche of shares to raise up to £550,000 to fund the installation of farm-scale wind turbines in Scotland and Wales.

The company has set aside £100,000 of the shares until 1 November for people who live within 20 miles of the projects at Wemyss Bay, Inverclyde and in Ceredigion, Wales.

The minimum investment is £100 and projected average annual returns are 6.5% over 20 years, the company said.

Small Wind Co-op’s latest share offer follows the first offering in the summer that raised over £1m and attracted more than 300 members from throughout the UK.

Small Wind Co-op director Jon Halle said: “Over 300 people joined us to help raise over £1m this summer which means the groundwork is now getting underway in Inverclyde and the turbine has been ordered for Ceredigion.

“We’re building on that momentum with our second offer and we really want to encourage those living in the vicinity of the turbines to join our supporters from across Scotland and the UK.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons