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Climate fight ‘bigger’ than Trump

Christian Aid says one man won’t stop efforts to curb global warming

Climate fight ‘bigger’ than Trump image

New US President Donald Trump will harm US interests and damage the economy, if he tries to ignore climate change, according to NGO Christian Aid.

Christian Aid international climate lead Mohamed Adow said the rest of the world will not risk a global climate catastrophe because of one man’s opposition.

“The economics of energy are already changing rapidly, home grown wind and solar are increasingly becoming the cheapest forms of energy and falling costs in technology continue to show us the direction of travel,” he said.

“The benefits are already being recognised by a number of US states which are harnessing their abundant clean energy resources,” he added.

Adow said because the Paris Agreement on climate change has come into force, no country can easily withdraw for at least three years. 

“Even if the US wanted to do so at that point it would suffer considerably, both a political and diplomatic cost as well as putting itself at the back of the pack on the benefits of clean tech,” he said.

Image: Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

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