The European Commission has approved Drax’s plan to fully power a third generating unit of its Yorkshire facility with sustainable biomass.

Drax said it will now complete the upgrade of the third of its six units to run on wood pellets, a project that started in July 2015.

The decision backs the government’s support for the £650 investment plan to switch half of the Drax power station capacity from coal to biomass.

The site is Britain’s largest generator of renewable energy, supplying 20% of the country’s clean power.

“Drax now leads the world in biomass technology – three million households are powered with renewable energy generated by Drax and we’re the largest carbon saving project in Europe,” chief executive Andy Koss said.

“We have demonstrated how to reinvent a coal-fired power station, using an existing asset so there are no hidden costs to the grid and it is quick to achieve.”

With the right support from the government, we could upgrade the remainder of the power station to run solely on biomass and provide up to 8% of the UK’s total electricity from sustainable sources.”

Image: Drax