ABB is providing microgrid technology to help identify ways to integrate more renewables in Alaska, including the 17MW Fire Island wind farm located 4km off the coast of Anchorage.

The Swiss company said the microgrid project, which combines battery and flywheel-based storage, has been initiated by local utility Chugach Electric Association.

The company said the “flywheel will facilitate the integration of fluctuating wind power and the battery will be used for long-term storage”.

It added that the battery has a capacity of 500 kilowatt hours with a maximum performance of 2MW.

ABB’s microgrid plus control system will also monitor the hybrid storage solution and ensure proper load sharing between the two storage mediums.

ABB grid automation business unit managing director Massimo Danieli said: “We are delighted to partner with a visionary utility like Chugach Electric, to build this microgrid which incorporates a hybrid storage solution to enhance reliability of power supply.”

Image: ABB