Swedish tidal kite developer Minesto aims to boost the capacity of its Holyhead Deep project off the North Wales coast to 80MW.

The company has submitted a scoping request to UK consenting authorities Marine Management Organisation and Natural Resources Wales for the scheme involving its Deep Green technology.

The request is the first step in the process of secure all necessary leases and consents, it said.

Minesto currently holds a 10MW lease for the site from the Crown Estate and is working to install a first 0.5MW commercial device this year.

The developer has concluded that 80MW is appropriate from both a business and a technology development perspective. Increasing the scale unlocks cost reductions by delivering benefits from volume manufacturing and installation synergies, it said.

Minesto plans to develop the site in three phases as part of a deploy-and-monitor approach that will take the technology from demonstrator to full industrial roll-out.

“This substantial scale-up of the Holyhead Deep project’s commercial strength makes it even more attractive to site investors and creates early opportunities for sales of Deep Green power plants," chief executive Martin Edlund said.

“This expansion enables economies of scale without us having to conduct parallel and costly site development."

“Our projection of an 80MW project in Holyhead Deep gives a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) which is 50% lower than for a 10MW project.

“The ultimate goal is to develop Holyhead into an assembly and export hub for Minesto’s international market expansion.”

Image: Deep Green (Minesto)