Atlantis Resources has entered into a partnership with Natural Energy Wyre (NEW) to develop a 160MW tidal barrage near Fleetwood on the Lancashire coast.

NEW is proposing to build the barrage capable of producing up to 400 gigawatt-hours per year across the river Wyre.

Atlantis Resources chief executive Tim Cornelius said the project was in line with the UK government-commissioned Hendry report’s recommendations to “build momentum” in tidal power.

“The geography of the Wyre means that only a relatively small impoundment is required for the power output produced,” he added.

“I believe our proven track record of development means that, together with NEW, we can bring this project to reality very quickly.”

Atlantis recently announced the launch of a business division, Atlantis Energy, focused on the development of non-tidal stream projects.

Image: Impression of river Wyre barrage (Natural Energy Wyre)