Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo set a strategic goal today to increase the amount of clean energy in the state to 1GW by the end of 2020, a ten-fold increase.

Raimondo, a staunch supporter of offshore wind and the 30MW Block Island project, proposes to boost wind, solar and renewable energy generation with the help of investment from homeowners, municipalities, institutions and private commercial and industrial enterprises.

“Because of the investments we've made and with partnerships across the state, we will increase the amount of clean energy in Rhode Island by 1000% and we'll double our green economy workforce," said Raimondo.

However, the state has no legislated mandate and Raimundo has yet to unveil policies to reach that target.

Rhode Island now has about 100MW of installed renewable energy capacity, including Deepwater Wind’s Block Island wind farm located in state waters.

The developer also holds a lease for the 1GW-plus Rhode Island-Massachusetts offshore wind zone that starts about 17km south of the coast.

Image: Block Island wind farm (Deepwater Wind)