Germany’s federal grid regulator BNetzA has launched the country’s first onshore wind tender with 800MW up for grabs through auction.

The deadline for bids is 2 May and installations with more than 750kW need to have registered with BNetzA three weeks ahead of that date in order to participate.

The price cap is €70 per megawatt-hour for projects in locations with optimal conditions.

Only 258MW out of the 800MW will be allocated to projects in Northern Germany, in what are known as grid-bottleneck areas. 

Community-driven or co-operative wind projects receive special consideration, including having more time to complete wind farms and being able to participate in tenders before receiving a building license.

Germany plans to support 2.8GW a year in new onshore wind farms through tenders from 2017 to 2019, rising to 2.9GW from 2020.

Image: Morgue File