The EU-backed Foresea programme has selected 15 ocean energy technologies to receive free access to open-sea test centres following its second call for support.

The list of those awarded “recommendation of support” includes Scotrenewables Tidal Power, Tocardo, Aqua Power Technologies, Oceanlinx and Dresser-Rand.

Other companies selected are ASVS, Current2Current, Finima Innovations, FishFlow Innovations, Flex Sense, FMGC, Sigma Energy, Sustainable Marine Energy and Swirl Generators.

Foresea said final confirmation of support will be granted to developers upon contracts with the relevant test centre, which are EMEC in Orkney, SEM-REV in France and the Tidal Testing Centre (TTC) in the Netherlands

Tocardo chief executive Hans van Breugel said: “The Foresea programme enables Tocardo to improve the dynamic umbilical power cable for our Universal Foundation Structure (UFS), needed for power evacuation from the semi-sub UFS platform to the power cable on the sea bed.”

Tocardo will have technologies tested at both EMEC and TTC.

The €11m Foresea project aims to helps to bring offshore renewable energy technologies to market by providing free access to test centres.

Image: sxc