Eon is collaborating with Dutch company Ampyx Power to develop the latter’s airborne wind energy system.

The agreement aims to further the development of the system towards commercial deployment.

Ampyx said Eon has committed to development and, if successful, construction and operation of a demonstration site for the airborne wind energy concept in County Mayo in Ireland.

The demo will be used for testing, verification and continuous operation of Ampyx Power’s system and its subsequent 2MW airborne wind energy system, the company said.

Ampyx said the 2MW system will be “tailored to repower the first generation offshore wind parks once the service life has come to an end”.

It started construction of the demo last year and in order to finance activities towards commercialisation has launched a new crowdfunding campaign targeting investments of €2.5m.

Ampyx has also raised €2m in new equity finance from its existing shareholder base.

Eon senior vice president B2C solution management and innovation Frank Meyer said: “Eon has been looking into airborne wind technologies for five years and we believe it has true game changing potential.”

Image: Ampyx Power