Welsh wave developer Wave-tricity has issued a tender for a £400,000 O&M contract to support the on-going sea trials in Pembrokeshire of its Ocean Wave Rower device.

Bids are due by 8 June to provide design, engineering and maintenance services for Wave-tricity’s converted barge wave device situated in Milford Haven until July 2018.

The tender which is due to be awarded by 13 June has an optional extension past July 2018.

The Pembroke Dock outfit has also issued a separate tender for a marine support services provider to tow the 150-tonne wave device in the Milford Haven area.

Bids are due by 9 June for the tender to tow the 26-metre long Ocean Wave Rower from Pembroke Dock to the Dale Roads area and back at 48 hours’ notice.

The towing tender is slated to be awarded by 12 June.

Image: Port of Milford Haven