Industry body Scottish Renewables has called on Holyrood to spell out “in detail” how it plans to meet ambitious new green energy targets.

The organisation laid out the need for “clear action plans” in its response to the Scottish government’s draft Energy Strategy, on which consulation closed today.

Targets in the document include the requirement for half of all energy to come from renewables by 2030.

SR said the government must also “maximise the use of the devolved policy levers it has available”, including planning, procurement, innovation and funding.

It also called for further targets to set out the proportion of heat to be delivered from renewable and low-carbon sources, as well as further action on transport.

“It is imperative that the Scottish government provides clear action plans which show how the ambitious changes contained in the draft strategy can be achieved,” said SR.

“That certainty – particularly in the heat sector, which faces significant challenges – would provide confidence in market opportunities and help stimulate the private sector investments required for the targets to be met.”

Image: Scottish Parliament