Nordex Group is to supply turbines totalling 39.6MW for the Midtfjellet 3 wind farm on the island of Stord in south-west Norway.

The German manufacturer will deliver and install 11 N117/3600 turbines to Midtfjellet Vindkraft, a joint venture of Aquila Capital, Fitjar Kraftlag, Østfold Energi Vind and Vardar Boreas.

Delivery and installation of the hardware is scheduled for spring 2018. 

Nordic will also provide a premium service agreement for five years with an option to extend it twice for five years.

Midtfjellet 3 is an extension of the Midtfjellet 1 and 2 wind farm, which features a total of 44 turbines with installed capacity of 110MW.

When Midtfjellet 3 becomes operational in 2018 the number of turbines will increase to 55 with total capacity rising to 149.6MW.

Nordex added that it is fitting serrations to the trailing edge of the turbines in order to reduce overall noise from the wind farm.

Nordex chief sales officer Patxi Landa said: “The fact that Midtfjellet Vindkraft has now engaged us for the second extension at this site is a clear indication of the confidence placed in our team and our turbines.”

Image:  N117/3600 (Nordex)