The Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator initiative is seeking inspection technologies that can provide information and data on grout integrity and welds for both monopile and jacket foundations.

The OWA said winners of on an open competition will be given the chance to test the technologies on installed foundations at operational offshore wind farms in Europe.

Winners will also receive mentoring and advice from OWA’s nine industry partners.

“At present, the methods to inspect grouted connections and welds are very limited and do not provide sufficient resolution of data for offshore wind developers,” OWA said.

“By providing a solution that can provide asset owners with the knowledge they require, costs can be reduced significantly and the inspection regimes optimised,” it added.

The competition will run until 13 October.

OWA project manager for the foundations research area Michael Stephenson said: “The Offshore Wind Accelerator is focused on continuing to reduce the costs of offshore wind, and with this call it is hoped that we can find the next generation of inspection technologies to help the industry continue to drive down prices.”

The OWA is a collaborative RD&D programme funded by nine leading offshore wind developers and the Scottish Government to find new innovative technologies to help bring down the cost of offshore wind.

Image: FreeImages