A German court has revoked the license for Duno Air’s 19.8MW Dahlem 4 wind farm near the municipality of Dahlem, south-west of Bonn.

The administrative court in Aachen in the German state of North Rhine allowed a challenge by green group Nabu on the grounds that the developer did not sufficiently analyse the effects of the project on the local black stork population.

Duno Air received the license from the administrative district of Euskirchen in late 2016 and kicked off construction in early 2017.

Foundations for five Enercon machines are installed at the site and the developer has started to erect towers.

The plans foresee the installation of four Enercon 4.2MW E-126 and one 3MW E-115 turbines at project.

Full commissioning of Dahlem 4 was slated for 1 October this year.

Both the administrative district and the developer can challenge the court decision before a higher administrative court in Münster.

Image: a foundation at Dahlem 4 (Duno Air)