Nordex and Kreuzberger und Spengler Regenerative Energie are to add a further two N131/3300 machines to the one-turbine Hausbay-Bickenbach wind farm in Germany.

A N131/3300 turbine with a hub height of 164 metres was erected at the site in Rhineland-Palatinate last year and has delivered nine gigawatts of electricity, Nordex said.

It added that the average wind speed at the site has been 6.1 metres per second and the turbine has not worked continuously “due to scheduled measuring activities”.

“The volume of electricity generated proves that, especially for sites in regions with low average speeds, powerful turbines with a capacity of 3MW and more, with a large rotor sweep and high towers are ideally suited for highly efficient operation,” Nordex said.

Kreuzberger und Spengler Regenerative Energie chief executive Ulrich Kreuzberger said: “We are very satisfied with the performance and reliability of the turbine.

“We are currently in the process of extending the Hausbay-Bickenbach wind farm by adding two more N131/3300s with a hub height of 164 metres.”

Image: installation of the first N131/3300 machine at Hausbay-Bickenbach (Nordex)