Greek outfit PPC Renewables is seeking developers to build 12 wind farms totalling 31.8MW at various locations in Greece.

The company has issued three tenders outlining the scope of the work, which also includes the provision of operations and maintenance for 14 years.

One tender is for a 7.5MW wind farm on the island of Crete, with the contract valued at €12.15m.

Interested parties have until 9 October to respond to PPC.

A second tender for a contract valued at €7.5m is for a 4.5MW project on the island of Tinos. It is open until the 10 October.

The third tender is for 10 wind farms totalling 19.8MW, with the projects ranging in size from 0.9MW to 5.7MW.

The contract is valued at over €28m and interested parties have until 5 October to respond to PPC.

Image: Pixabay