Austrian developer Windkraft Simonsfeld has ordered 20 Senvion turbines for four wind farms in the central European country with a combined capacity of 62MW.

Four 3.2M122 machines will be installed at the Dürnkrut 2 wind farm in 2018, along with two MM100 2MW turbines for the Hipples 2 repowering project.

In 2019, four 3.4M140 units will be erected at the consented Poysdorf-Wilfersdorf 5 wind farm.

A final investment decision for the Prinzendorf 3 repowering project will be taken if the project is backed by the country’s green power support scheme and if the grid is expanded in the Lower Austria region, Windkraft Simonsfeld said. 

If built, Prinzendorf 3 will feature 10 3.2M114 machines to be installed in 2022.

Windkraft Simonsfeld ordered seven 3.2M114 machines from Senvion last year for installation in 2018 at the Kreuzstetten wind farm.

Image: Senvion