AW Energy is to collaborate with Queen’s University Belfast on the development of a re-deployable, towable basement for the WaveRoller energy device. 

The partnership, which involves tank testing the WaveRoller and its basement, started on 15 July and runs until 15 January 2018. 

AW Energy chief technology officer Christopher Ridgewell said: “Queen’s University Belfast have built up a lot of experience tank testing near shore wave energy converters and plenty of research into nearshore wave energy converters has been conducted by the team at Belfast.”

Queen’s University Belfast professor of coastal engineering Trevor Whittaker said: “We are delighted to be using our knowledge of wave power technology acquired over the past 40 years to support AW Energy in their R&D.”

AW Energy said the project could be the first step in a series of collaborations with Queen’s University to develop the WaveRoller device.

The project is part of the EU-backed MaRINET2 initiative, which aims to provide testing at research facilities for wave and tidal energy technology.

Image: AW Energy