Senvion has installed its first 3.6M140 eco blade control (EBC) turbine prototype in Germany for 4testwind.

The machine, which is located at Windtestfeld Nord near Husum in Schleswig-Holstein, has an EBC system offering load-reducing pitch control.

Senvion said the turbine also features a steel tower, a hub height of 110 metres and a 140-metre rotor diameter.

It added that the blades are equipped with Rodpack technology, which provides for lighter units.

The 3.6M140 is designed for moderate and strong wind speeds and the site at Windtestfeld Nord offers “ideal wind conditions” for testing and certification, Senvion said.

Serial production of the turbine has already started with further installations planned this year, the company said.

Senvion chief executive Jürgen Geissinger said: “The combination of the 140-metre rotor diameter and the upgrade to 3.6MW allows additional output at the same site. 

“Even with the larger 68.5-metre rotor blades, the 3.6M140 EBC can be installed in the same amount of time as a smaller turbine, ensuring an effective solution for our customers.”

Senvion will present the turbine at Husum Wind 2017 next week.

Image: Senvion