Welsh developer Marine Power Systems has completed fabrication of a quarter-scale prototype of its WaveSub device at Pembroke Dock.

The wave generator made by local outfit Ledwood Mechanical Engineering will be shipped in the coming weeks for testing at the FabTest nursery test site off Falmouth in Cornwall.

Maine Power Systems director Gareth Stockman said the WaveSub device is rated in the “tens of kilowatts”, adding a full-scale unit would measure 100 metres long and be rated at 5MW.

The Swansea outfit ultimately plans to deploy a 30MW array featuring between eight and 10 devices in the 2020s.“With nearly a decade of research and development invested in the WaveSub, we are now at a point where an affordable, scalable and reliable wave energy device is within our reach.

“With continued government support and private investment, the WaveSub can bring down the cost of wave power generation so that in time it can compete favourably with offshore wind in terms of energy generation costs,” added Stockman.

Image: WaveSub (Marine Power Systems)