Blade repair specialist Altitec has had to put work on hold at a 15-turbine wind farm in Mexico following the country’s recent earthquake.

Altitec said two technicians were working up-tower at the site near Juchitan in Oaxaca, when the earthquake struck.

“The work had to be abandoned, and has yet to resume because of the risks posed to the team by aftershocks in the region,” the company said.

Work on two of the turbines had been completed and Altitec plans to return and complete the project before the end of the year. 

Altitec Group wind operations manager Drew Sampson said: “All our turbine blade technicians hold the highest certifications for working at height and are very confident in this environment. 

“But the team were shocked and disturbed to feel the turbine moving beneath them whilst hanging from ropes more than 80 metres in the air. 

“For the time being the maintenance project is on hold, until it is safe for the work to continue.”

Image: Pixabay