A group of UK energy industry organisations have joined forces on a new campaign supporting smart energy across the country.

The Smart Power Industries Alliance (SPIA) aims to give households, business and community’s greater control over the way they use and consume energy. 

It includes renewable and low-carbon electricity generators, IT providers, network operators, electricity storage providers, flexibility service providers and building technology manufacturers.

They are calling on government to put into action five key principles to sustain the smart transition over the coming decade and beyond.

First, allow consumers to play an active role in the formulation of energy policy.

Second, facilitate the creation of new markets for smart services.

Third, take a whole-system approach to smart energy by creating incentives for the heat, transport and power sectors to work together to deliver decarbonisation.

Fourth, accelerate the smart power transition by providing consistent policy and regulations. 

Fifth, make smart power central to the industrial strategy by incentivising key sectors to invest in smart technologies.

The SPIA members are the Association for Decentralised Energy, BEAMA, Energy Networks Association, Energy UK, National Grid, Renewable Energy Association, RenewableUK, Scottish Renewables, SmarterUK, Solar Trade Association, The Electricity Storage Network. 

SPIA chair Charles Hendry said: “The size and breadth of SPIA reflects consensus across the power sector that the future of energy is smart. 

“This is a long-term change programme, so we will be working together to ensure smart power has cross party support and that it remains at the top of the energy agenda.”

Image: Free Images/Christian Wagner