Outdated policy is blocking the development of onshore wind, the UK’s cheapest electricity generation technology, according to a new report from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU).

The report – ‘Blown Away’ – said that 1GW of new onshore wind would cost £30m (€34m) a year, less than obtaining the same electricity from an offshore wind farm and £100m less than a new nuclear plant.

It added that the UK will “fall to bottom place” among comparable EU countries in terms of wind farm efficiency without investment in new technology.

The UK also risks losing its place as one of the global centres for onshore wind, in terms of manufacturing, installation and associated financial and legal services.

ECIU director Richard Black said: “The effective ban on the cheapest form of new power generation looks increasingly perverse. 

“For a government committed to making energy cheaper, this risks not only locking people into higher bills, but also runs contrary to its aim of having the lowest energy costs in Europe. 

“These blustery isles have no shortage of wind and while other European nations are going large on onshore wind the UK is starting to fall behind by not making the most of our natural resource.”

ECIU is a non-profit organisation supporting informed debate on energy and climate change issues in the UK. 

Image: Pixabay