Companies looking to diversify into offshore wind from oil and gas need to convince potential clients that they are in the new market for the long term, according to NOF Energy chief executive George Rafferty.

Rafferty, who was speaking at the Offshore Wind North East conference in Sedgefield today, said there is a perception that companies want to move into offshore wind but will “walk away once the oil price rises again”.

He said in order for more diversification to occur companies historically active in oil and gas have to show that they are “all in for wind and not just while the oil price is low”.

Port of Blyth business development manager Andy Williamson told delegates removing political uncertainty for offshore wind would help to remove barriers for companies considering entry into renewables.

“If we are thinking big then we need political certainty, more noise around Contracts fof Difference” and the  Crown Estate coming up with more offshore zones, he said.

Image: Rafferty at the podium (reNEWS)