The German grid regulator BNetzA has awarded 1000.4MW of grid capacity for 61 onshore wind projects at an average support price of €38.2 a megawatt hour (MWh) in the country’s latest auction.

Sixty of the 61 projects are community wind farms, representing 98% of the total number of projects and 99.2% of the capacity auctioned.

Around 89% of participants in the auction were community projects, with a total of 210 projects with capacity of 2591MW taking part.

Special rules apply for community projects, such as being able to participate in tenders before having a construction license. They also have 54 months to build the wind farms, compared with 30 months for other projects.

The auction mode for community projects is uniform pricing, while for other projects pay-as-bid rules apply. 

Image: Freeimages/Christian Wagner