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Nordex tackles noise pollution

Turbine upgrades improve output while maintaining same level of sound

Nordex tackles noise pollution image

Nordex is offering upgrades for turbines at noise-sensitive sites that increases output by up to 13%, while maintaining the same level of noise emissions.

The so-called ‘Xtended Power Sound Concept’ is available for N100/2500 and N117/2400 machines from the company’s gamma range and can be retrofitted to turbines in the delta range.

The upgrade includes sound mode optimisation and blade serrations.

Sound mode optimisation allows the turbine torque to be raised, while maintaining the same revolutions per minute and sound power level.

The serrations are components added to the trailing edges of the blades, which reduce the sound power level of the turbines by around 1.5 decibels. 

“The turbine is quieter overall and allows the operator to change into a higher operating mode,” Nordex said.

Image: Nordex

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