Swedish marine developer Waves4Power has ended testing of its WaveEL 3.0 device off the Norwegian island of Runde a month early due to anchoring damage.

The 250kW wave device has been retrieved and towed to the Norwegian port of Fiskaholmen where analysis of the anchors is ongoing.

Waves4Power said the 42-metre long buoy was not damaged.

“The plan from the outset was that all tests would be carried out before Christmas and that WaveEl 3.0 would then be taken up for review and analysis,” the company added.

“All important data needed has already been collected for further work on the next generation of wave power plants.”

The full-scale device was redeployed in May off Runde having been retrieved in September 2016 due to damage to the buoy.

Image: WaveEL (Waves4Power)