Dutch outfit Joulz Energy Solutions has been contracted by HSM Offshore for engineering work on the 700MW Borssele Beta platform off the coast of the Netherlands.

HSM Offshore is constructing the Borssele Beta foundation and substation, which will help connect the Borssele 3&4 offshore wind farm to the grid.

Joulz was contracted earlier this year by HSM Offshore for work on the Borssele Alpha substation, which will help link the Borssele 1&2 wind farms to the Dutch mainland grid. 

Joulz senior account manager Kerem Kaplan said: “Our contribution to the Borssele Beta project will be identical to that for Borssele Alpha, for which we’ve reached the phase of the final design. 

“In both projects, Joulz is responsible for the systems integration of all HV components in the transformer substation, as well as the design of secondary installations and integrating HV SCADA, including testing and installing it.”

The company will also supply and install control and security panels and the 66kV cable on the substation.

Borssele Alpha is expected to be operational in 2019 and Borssele Beta is scheduled for 2020.

Image: Pixabay