Empire State Connector Corp has started an open solicitation process for interested parties to reserve space on its 265-mile 1GW transmission line, which will allow upstate New York state generators to deliver renewable power into New York City.

The electricity will be transported by two submarine cables buried in the Erie Canal and the Hudson River. 

The $1.5bn project route aims to cut through existing transmission congestion that has been a problem in New York for many years.

London Economics International will serve as the independent solicitation manager on the call.

Companies have until 22 December to express an interest in reserving space on the transmission line.

An online information session will be held for interested parties on 5 December.

Empire State Connector Corp chief executive John Douglas said: “This project perfectly complements the state's and the city's energy, economic and environmental policy goals.

“It creates significant upstate economic growth, spurs the development and use of clean, renewable energy, helps better tie together New York's massive electric grid with highly-controllable transmission technology and delivers low carbon energy into New York City."

Image: Empire State Connector Corp