The European Parliament’s committee on industry, research and energy today voted to increase the EU’s 2030 renewables target to 35% from the 27% proposed by the European Commission.

The committee is responsible for the parliament’s overall position on the issue.

The next stage is for the Council of European Energy Ministers to define its position on the issue at a meeting on the 18 December.

The Commission put forward a 27% renewables target for the EU as part of the Clean Energy for All Europeans proposal released last year. 

Wind industry organisation WindEurope welcomed the parliament vote, which also adopted a five-year upfront schedule for renewables support.

WindEurope chief executive Giles Dickson said: “Ambition on the target only is not enough. Visibility on deployment volumes to 2030 also remains crucial to sustain wind energy’s contribution to the EU economy. 

“Knowing what the volume, timing and budget of renewable energy auctions is going to help the industry plan its investments in the supply chain.”

Solar Power Europe CEO James Watson said: “The European Parliament has shown ambition by adopting an EU binding renewable target of at least 35% by 2030. 

“Through this vote MEPs send a clear signal, that Europeans expect investments in renewables to increase in the next decade compared to the current one. 

“We now call on the Council to endorse these ambitions and make sure that Europe leads on renewables.”

Image: European Parliament