Europe’s electricity industry national associations and major power companies under the auspices of Eurelectric have committed to achieving carbon-neutral electricity in the EU “well before mid-century”.

The commitment is part of Eurelectric’s long-term vision for the electricity industry in Europe, which was launched today.

The region’s power sector has committed to leading and accelerating the clean energy transition to support an “economy-wide shift to a climate-friendly society”, Eurelectric said. 

The industry will launch a series of projects in the coming years aimed at identifying challenges and opportunities to accelerate the clean energy transition, it added.

Eurelectric secretary general Kristian Ruby said: “The commitment and ambition expressed in this vision is daunting, especially for regions which depend on high carbon value chains.

“We therefore call on policymakers to do their utmost to ensure a fair transition, both socially and geographically, and provide the necessary support and funding to address any socio-economic impacts.”

Image: Pixabay