ABS Group has issued a verification certificate supporting the reliable operation of Deepwater Wind’s 30MW Block Island offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island.

The certificate has been issued to the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), which is the permitting agency responsible for overseeing that the wind farm’s operations conform to state regulations.

ABS Group is the independent Certified Verification Agent (CVA) for the project, the first offshore wind farm in the US.

The company has provided technical verification services to help confirm that Block Island had been designed, fabricated and installed in accordance with industry standards and accepted engineering practices.

ABS Group will present the final ‘Facility Design Report and Fabrication and Installation Report’ to the CRMC meeting on 12 December.

ABS Group director of renewables Torsten Muuss said: “We are proud to have served as the CVA at the forefront of offshore wind energy development in North America.

“Through our technical inspection and verification services, ABS Group is committed to supporting safer, more reliable assets and operations for the global renewables industry.”

Image: Deepwater Wind