Germany’s grid regulator BNetzA has confirmed the building of two additional grid hubs in the German North Sea and one in the Baltic Sea.

BNetzA included the 900MW DolWin 4 and BorWin 4 hubs in the German North Sea in the final version of the country’s offshore grid development plan O-NEP 2017. 

Construction of DolWin 4 should start in 2023, with full commissioning in 2028, the agency said. 

The hub would connect offshore wind projects in cluster three to the mainland via an onshore hub in Hanekenfähr, Lower Saxony, some 190km away from DolWin 4.

BorWin 4 would serve as the grid connection system for clusters six or seven and also feed into the Hanekenfähr system.

Construction should start in 2025 and go online in 2030, BNetzA said. 

In the Baltic Sea, two new AC connection systems should be installed before 2030, the agency added.

The OST-2-4 grid hub would serve clusters one, two and four and should go online in 2027, while the OST-6-1 hub – formerly known as OST-3-3 – would link cluster six to the mainland from 2029.

The capacity of the new grid hubs in the Baltic Sea could range between 700MW and 1GW, BNetzA said.

Image: BorWin 2 platform (Siemens)