Danish company Sonderborg Affald is seeking a company to carry out a geotechnical survey at the site of the potential 160MW Lillebaelt Syd offshore wind farm off the coast of Denmark.

The work is part of the initial investigations to verify the ground conditions and to establish parameters for the geotechnical design of the foundations, according to the tender documents.

It will involve offshore soil borings and core drilling, followed by laboratory testing of the samples, interpretative reporting and provision of geotechnical design parameters.   

The contract is expected to be for five months.

Interested parties have until 2pm local time on 23 January 2018 to apply for the work. 

The company was cleared last summer to carry out preliminary studies in the Lillebaelt between Funen and the east coast of Jutland through the end of next year.

The project is expected to feature between 20 and 44 turbines of between 3.6MW and 8MW each.

The outcome of investigations will be submitted to the Danish Energy Agency and inform any eventual consideration of a full wind farm project.

Image: reNEWS