Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) has secured £28.5m from Santander Corporate & Commercial to help to build and operate a 100MW portfolio of grid-scale battery storage assets by the end of the year.

BESS, set up in March last year, owns and is operating a 14MW portfolio of grid-scale batteries either co-located with solar sites or connected directly into the distribution grid.

A further 49MW of grid-connected batteries will be up and running by the end of January, BESS said.

BESS co-founder Nicholas Beatty said: “The UK’s power system is now the fourth cleanest in Europe. 

“However, the pace of transition to a low carbon power system brings with it challenges for the National Grid in balancing the network and ensuring supply and demand is matched on a second by second basis.” 

“Such balancing of supply and demand only being possible by the introduction of new technologies like battery storage.”

Image: Panasonic