Wind generation has exceeded 10 gigawatts for the first time in the UK according to data supplied by Drax Electric Insights.

The metered output contributed a peak of 42% of the UK's total electricity supply.

Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit analyst Jonathan Marshall said: “Claims that the grid would be unable to handle 5,10 or 20% wind power have been shown to be well wide of the mark.

“The government has shown its willingness to install new capacity offshore, but is lagging on onshore wind as other countries move ahead, and as its official advisors call for barriers preventing the cheapest form of electricity generation to be removed.”

According to trade association RenewableUK, the UK has an installed wind capacity of 17.8GW, of which 12GW is onshore and 5.8GW is offshore.cgin

Image: Little Cheyne Court wind farm (Innogy)7