The US state of Rhode Island plans to issue a 400MW renewable energy call open to on- and offshore wind, solar and small hydropower projects.

“This competitive RFP will help to deliver more clean energy for Rhode Island at the lowest market rates, which will protect ratepayers’ wallets,”  said the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers administrator Macky McCleary.

“We look forward to reviewing some innovative proposals,”  he added.

The Office of Energy Resources will work with the state's utilities to design a request for proposals by the end of the summer.

Rhode Island plans to bring 1GW of clean energy into the state’s energy portfolio, up from 230MW today.

“Because of the critical groundwork we have conducted in Rhode Island – including the first-ever offshore wind farm in the country and our nationally renowned energy efficiency programs – we have created a strong foundation for a more affordable, reliable and clean energy system,” said state energy commissioner Carol Grant.

Image: Block Island off Rhode Island is the first offshore wind farm in the US (Deepwater Wind)