Florida Power & Light (FPL) has integrated a 4MW battery storage system with its Citrus solar energy center that will increase the photovoltaic plant's overall output. 

The Citrus center in DeSoto County has been operational since 2016 and FPL said the DC-coupled battery storage facility should increase output by 500,000 kilowatt hours a year. 

The batteries are able to capture energy that may be lost during optimal operating periods, when the sun is at its strongest, and the solar plant's inverters are unable to process the power produced, FPL said.  

The battery plant will also store energy to dispatch to the grid when needed.

FPL president and chief executive Eric Silagy said: “By harnessing more solar energy from the same power plant, this has the potential to further reduce our fossil fuel consumption and save our customers even more money on their electric bills.”

FPL added that it plans to develop 50MW of battery storage over the next few years.

Image: FPL