German grid regulator BNetzA has awarded 709MW of grid capacity to 83 onshore wind farm projects in the country at an average support price of €47.30 per megawatt-hour. 

A total of 19 out of the 83 in the latest auction are community-driven wind projects, substantially less than in the previous two German onshore rounds.

Among the winning commercial developers are Enercon with three successful bids, ABO Wind with two and BayWa with a quartet of winning projects.

The previous privileges for community projects, such as the ability to participate in tenders before being granted a construction licence, were suspended for this auction.

The auction mode for community projects is uniform pricing while for other projects pay-as-bid rules apply. Successful bids ranged from €38/MWh to €52.8/MWh. 

BNetzA originally put the average wind price in the auction at €46/MWh but later revised the figure to €47.30. A total of 132 projects with a total capacity of 989MW participated in the auction.

Image: Nordex