Canadian marine developer Cape Sharp Tidal will this summer deploy the second of two 2MW Open Centre turbines at Nova Scotia’s Fundy Ocean Research Center (FORCE) for Energy test site.

The company has applied to Canadian Transportation Agency to use a heavy lift vessel in preparation for installation at the Bay of Fundy site.

Cape Sharp Tidal wants to use the non-Canadian vessel to place the 16-metre, 1000-tonne device on its purpose-built Scotia Tide Barge, which will be used for deployment.

The heavy lift vessel will first be used to remove from the barge another turbine deployed at FORCE in 2016.

The venture between Canadian utility Emera and Naval Group-owned technology outfit OpenHydro recovered the first turbine last June for repairs and upgrades to its control centre.

Cape Sharp Tidal has yet to set a date for the redeployment of the first turbine.

"We’ve conducted a detailed inspection of the overall exterior of the recovered turbine and found that it is in good condition," said a spokeswoman.

"Once the upgrades to the second turbine are complete and it has been deployed, we will be turning our attention to next steps for the recovered turbine. This will include opening it up in an enclosed facility and completing a detailed inspection of the interior of the unit," she added.

Image: Tidal turbine in Bay of Fundy (Naval)