North American outfit Invenergy has signed a three-year software deal with NarrativeWave to optimise its fleet of wind turbines and other renewable energy assets.

The deal was agreed following 60-day pilot projects which focused on reducing lost production and reducing unscheduled downtime via the internet of things.

Invenergy operators used the technology to automate time-consuming manual processes and accelerate return-to-service times on turbines.

Invenergy senior vice-president of operations and asset management Alex George said: “As North America’s leading wind energy operator, Invenergy embraces digital innovation to maximize uptime and productivity from our fleet.

“NarrativeWave’s unique solution improves our fleet management, which ultimately benefits the customers and investors who rely on Invenergy to maximize the value of the renewable energy assets we operate.”

NarrativeWave chief executive said: “We are honoured to partner with one of the most innovative companies in the global renewable energy industry.”

Image: Pixabay