Wave Energy Scotland (WES) has awarded a £2.5m grant to Aberdeenshire outfit Ecosse Subsea Systems to develop its power take-off (PTO) system.

Ecosse Subsea Systems has progressed to stage three of WES’ PTO call to develop technology designed to suit a variety of wave energy converters.

The funding will support the development and demonstration of the PTO system on a wave device in real-sea conditions, said the Banchory company.

The magnetic gear project is being developed in collaboration with Bathwick Electrical Design, Supply Design and Pure Marine Gen.

The University of Edinburgh and Applied Renewables Research have been sub-contracted to provide additional support.

Scottish minister for business, innovation and energy Paul Wheelhouse said: “Sustained funding from the Scottish government has allowed WES to provide opportunities for Scottish companies such as Ecosse Subsea Systems and Supply Design to participate in this unique initiative and develop the technologies that will shape our low-carbon future.”

“This project has the very real potential to result in a robust system for harnessing wave movement and converting it to electricity,” added WES director Tim Hurst.

“Crucially, it will be capable of surviving harsh marine conditions and compatible with a wide variety of wave devices.”

Image: Billia Croo wave test centre (EMEC)