Former environment minister of Germany Peter Altmaier is set to become the country’s new economics and energy minister in mid-March.

The Social Democratic party (SPD) agreed at the weekend to form another “grand coalition” government with the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), almost six months after the general elections in September.

SPD support also secures Angela Merkel’s reappointment as chancellor, which is expected to take place in the Bundestag on 14 March.

Altmaier was in charge of Germany’s renewable energy portfolio as environment minister during 2012-2013.

He proposed retroactive changes to Germany’s renewable energy feed-in tariff system during his tenure. 

A move that hit investment security in offshore wind and led to a slump in the sector.

The plan was later publicly rejected by Chancellor Merkel.

Meanwhile, Germany’s deputy energy minister Rainer Baake has resigned from his post, citing his disappointment over the climate policy plans in the new coalition agreement.