Finnish consultancy Poyry has been chosen by Clic Innovation to manage an energy storage project on the Aland archipelago in the Baltic Sea.

The storage system is part of six pilot schemes backed by the Finnish government to supply the 30,000 inhabitants of the 6500 islands that make up Aland with renewable energy. 

Poyry will manage the development of the energy storage 'cluster' of the Aland FLEXe-demo project.

The aim of the facility is to provide short-term grid stabilisation and long-term seasonal storage capacity to supply the islands with renewable power through the winter.

The storage system will be integrated with wind, solar and biomass generation all connected via a smart grid. 

Clic Innovation chief executive Tommy Jacobson said: “Optimising energy storage of different timescales and especially seasonal storage to compensate summer-winter variation in Finland is extremely demanding. 

“It is also the critical subsystem to ensure the stability, security and economical viability of the fully renewable energy system to be designed for the Aland Islands.”  

Poyry regional director Michael Gruenenfelder said: “Poyry is proud to contribute an important step in the world's renewables conversion. This project puts us as a company at the forefront of developments in the new energy world.”

Image: Pixabay