Vattenfall has teamed up with German renewables developer Frankfurt Energie to explore new ways to extract value from solar via an under-construction battery storage plant in Saxony.

The partners will use the 1MW storage project at Frankfurt Energie’s 2.8MW Grossenhain solar park near Meissen to enhance the business case of subsidy-free solar with storage.

The Swedish energy giant will initially provide access to the primary control reserve market to provide grid frequency services.

The partners will then develop “complex market access options" such as a solar generation time-shift according to spot prices, combined marketing of solar and storage in the reserve market, optimized solar output using the batteries and peak-shaving.

In a statement, the company said developing the so-called optimization scenarios requires “a complex and integrated operational management and flexible adaption to any market environment”.

“We see an increasing attractiveness in the combination of solar PV parks with battery storage systems," added Frankfurt Energie director Dirk Goehringer.

"The ongoing trend towards falling subsidies for renewables generation opens up new opportunities that go far beyond the sharing of local infrastructure such as grid connection, construction facilities or transformers.”

Image: Battery storage (Leclanche)